Installing Windows 7 on Fujitsu ST5032 Tablet PC

Fujitsu's ST50xx series of tablet PCs ships with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition out of the box. This article describes the installation of Windows 7 and lists the few missing drivers and applications that have been tested successfully.

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Fujitsu’s ST50xx series of tablet PCs come preinstalled with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, and Fujitsu does not offer an upgrade path for the operating system, nor are any compatible drivers officially provided in case one attempts a Windows 7 installation on their own.

While Windows Vista could not be installed on these tablets due to missing features on the embedded Intel 945 graphics chip, Windows 7 is supported without major problems. In fact, the installation experience of Windows 7 is much easier compared to XP, and most of the hardware devices are automatically recognized and installed by Windows.

Additional Drivers

Windows 7 automatically detects and installs all hardware drivers except for the sound card, the Bluetooth device and the tablet buttons. Luckily, the following drivers for Windows XP and the newer ST51xx series of tablet PCs appear to work fine.

All downloads can be found on the Fujitsu Support website. However, the driver for the FUJ02E1 Bluetooth device is not listed in any of the sections – a direct link has been provided instead.

  • Audio Drivers
    ST5032 → Windows XP Tablet PC Compatible Drivers → Audio V5.10.4469.0
  • Bluetooth
    Bluetooth Unknown Device Driver (FUJ02E1)
  • Button Driver
    ST5112 → Windows 7 32-bit Compatible Drivers → Button Driver 4.2.0827.2009
  • Button Utilities
    ST5112 → Windows 7 32-bit Compatible Drivers → Button Utilities 7.02.0818.2009

Additional Software

The following optional software can be installed to match the original ST50xx feature set:

  • Bluetooth Feature Pack
    ST5112 → Windows 7 Compatible Drivers → Bluetooth

Please note that the Fingerprint Driver and Application no longer need to be installed separately. The driver will automatically be installed by Windows 7, and biometric identification is built-in and can be activated through the Biometric Devices section in the Control Panel.

Known Issues

Despite various attempts with different drivers and registry modifications that were described on the internet, the auto rotate feature on ST5xxx docking stations is not functional. To rotate the screen when the dock is rotated, one has to press the rotate button on the tablet itself.