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A collection of articles on various topics that interest me. Written mostly in order to document my own solutions to problems, and published in the hope that they may help others save some time.


Unreal Engine Cannot find metahost.h and typeinfo.h

Upgrading Visual Studio to v16.3 breaks Unreal Engine 4.23 compilation. Here's a temporary workaround if you don't want to modify the Engine.

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Debugging ActiveX Controls in Internet Explorer 8

Debugging ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer 8 has become a little bit more complicated compared to previous versions of the browser. In IE 5, 6 and 7 it was sufficient to host the ActiveX control in a web site and hit the F5 key from within Visual Studio. In the latest browser version this no longer possible, because of the browser’s new process model. This article describes the few extra steps required to attach Visual Studio to a debug session and enable breakpoints and other features.

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